Throwing an office party is something almost every company does at least once a year. You want to boost morale, improve team cohesiveness, and promote an active, engaged office culture – a place where people want to work.

But the thought of organizing an activity for the whole team, and ensuring that the effort and money you put into it produces a meaningful event that is worth the cost, can be daunting. You don’t want to just do dinner and drinks! The conversation can slow down quickly as people may not want to share their personal life with work colleagues, and eventually it can result in either awkward small talk, or you’ll end up talking about work.

Instead, you want to make this party a fun change of pace in a new setting; a party where people can enjoy themselves without the burdens of the office.

That’s where Ace High Casino Rentals can help. Our team has decades of combined experience in not only casino parties, but event planning and execution, especially corporate events. In our experience, the first step to throwing a great party is the forming a dedicated planning committee.


A formal planning committee is essential to throwing a great party. Lots of decisions need to be made and having a centralized group that is organizing your event ensures that the information and decisions are recorded, and a concrete plan is in place.

It also means the work doesn’t fall to one person. While one member of the committee is researching venues, another can be comparing caterers, etc. This is also an opportunity for employees to take on significant leadership roles and additional responsibilities that they can add to their resumes.

For example, creating a spreadsheet with all the venue options, going on venue site visits, and staying within budget are highly valuable skills that an employee can learn and gain experience in by planning their company’s event. It also gives the people on the committee a sense of ownership. By planning the party they own the party, and in relation, they feel a sense of ownership and investment in not only their role on the planning committee but also their role at the company.

There are a lot of things to choose when throwing a party, and the planning committee can do the research and due diligence necessary to pick the right venue, vendors (catering, alcohol, entertainment, etc.), awards, or any other company-specific (e.g. Employee of the Year) traditions.


When choosing an event venue in Los Angeles and Orange County, the top three things to consider are: location, catering, and entertainment. You also must take a tour of the venue with any vendors you are going to be working with. For example, when you hire Ace High, we come on the venue site visit and make sure that all of our equipment can fit in the space comfortably. That way, on the day of the event, you will have a smooth, seamless set-up process, and a great event.

Learn more about picking the right venue in our blog post, How To Choose The Best Event Venue.


Leave Early To Start The Party

Close the office early and start the party before the end of your work day. A little less time at work shows that you value your employees not just for their work product, but as people who deserve to be celebrated and have fun.

Networking and Conversation

Socializing with work colleagues can be awkward outside of the workplace. By having an activity, such as a casino party, the topic of conversation is the game and environment, not work or your personal life. And it’s exciting that the game includes chips and, ultimately, prizes, giving the employees something to look forward to at the end of the event.

Employees Often Teach Each Other

Plenty of people know how to play Poker, Blackjack, and other common casino games, and they enjoy teaching those games to others. We’ve found that oftentimes employees enjoy teaching each other the card games at the event, which promotes teamwork and enjoyable conversation among colleagues. People feel special when their expertise is acknowledged and having an expertise in gambling has a cool factor that people love.


Ace High has the top casino party equipment and professional staff to take your event to the next level. Especially if you have your party in a top-tier venue. You don’t want a rag-tag group of unprofessional vendors to show up at the Ritz-Carlton, for example. With Ace High, you have experienced staff in uniforms that move seamlessly through the event space, setting up all the necessary casino party equipment.

Our dealers are consummate professionals, comfortable in every environment, from a corporate party at a four star hotel, to a college fraternity party, to the Playboy Mansion, we have worked to throw successful parties in every type of venue with every type of guest imaginable.

With Ace High, you can guarantee a type of entertainment that is interactive, engaging, memorable, and lots of fun!

“One main point I like to emphasize is the impact your event can have during the last few minutes of a casino themed office party,” said Warren Lee, General Manager of Ace High Casino Rentals.

“Your company may have spent thousands on the event and even more on work hours, if you’re giving people time off to get ready for the party. One of the most valuable moments you’ll have is everyone’s undivided attention at the end of the evening.

At a casino night, the party ends with all the guests turning in their chips for raffle tickets. When everyone has their tickets they’re all excited and waiting for the drawing. They all know they have a chance to win; they just need their number to be called.

Just before announcing the raffle you have the perfect moment to have the CEO or higher-up at the company make a few critical announcements, thank everyone for their hard work, bring up any big company accomplishments, thank partners, and/or get everyone excited for the future of the company. Once that is said, they can draw the raffle tickets and announce the winner. Once the winner is announced everyone is ready to leave the party and close out the night.”

With that as the capstone of the evening, you’re sure to have a great party when you work with Ace High. Learn more about what it’s like to work with Ace High in our post, What Makes Ace High the Best Casino Party Rental business.

When planning your party, choosing the right vendor is essential. When you choose Ace High, you’re in good hands. You know your event will be flawlessly executed.

Your employees will have a great time, stay engaged, and appreciate that time you put into planning a fun corporate office party. You will have that extra few minutes at the end to bring your team together, and thank them all for a great year.

To learn more about Ace High, call us or get a quote today!