One of the most difficult decisions to make when planning your event will be choosing the right casino event venue. There are thousands of event spaces in Orange County and Los Angeles County, and Ace High Casino Rentals has worked at most of them.

From hotels, to rooftops, yachts, community centers, and even the Playboy Mansion, we’ve seen it all and we have some insider tips for choosing your venue: what to look for, where to research, what questions to ask, and how Ace High can help.


First, you need to know what to look for in a venue. Location, size, and capacity are key. You want a place that is easy to get to for guests, has reasonable parking options, and is the correct size to comfortably accommodate your event without feeling too crammed or too empty.

You also need to know what the venue offers, such as catering, alcohol, and valet parking, and what the venue requires from outside vendors. To figure out these details and narrow down your options, you have to do your research.


There are several resources we recommend, and have used ourselves, when you’re searching for the right party venue in Los Angeles and Orange County. We suggest you start with Eventup. Using their venue search engine, you can search by city and add filters, including:

  • Price range
  • Number of attendees
  • Neighborhoods
  • Venue type
  • Amenities
  • Look & feel (e.g. modern, rustic, or classic)

You can also cross reference your findings with that venue’s Yelp reviews. Other great resources for finding a venue include: Airbnb, Bizbash, Specialevents, and your local Chamber of Commerce.


Once you’ve narrowed down the venue options to your top two or three, then there are several questions you need to ask yourself and the venue operator before committing to a venue.

1 – Is Catering and Alcohol included?

Most venues will have a catering service they prefer (in addition to other “preferred vendors”). Depending on your company’s needs, the venue’s caterer might be okay. If you’re a Jewish organization that needs a kosher caterer or need extensive vegan options, then bringing in your own preferred catering company might be necessary. Some venues do not allow outside caterers, so if you have a special need, those are not the venues for you.

Also, be sure to ask if the venue will have waitstaff to take drink orders at the casino tables and deliver drinks to your guests. If the venue doesn’t offer this, Ace High can provide additional staff to serve as “casino cocktail waiters.”

2 – Who needs insurance?

Every venue has their own insurance requirements, but across the board, all of your vendors should have insurance coverage and they will need to show proof of insurance to the venue to be allowed to operate within that venue.

3 – What is the capacity?

As you can see in the Eventup filters, capacity has two main categories: seated and standing. If you’re having a sit-down dinner service, you will want enough tables and seats for all of your guests. However, if you’re doing a buffet dinner and guests are arriving throughout the night, we suggest limiting the number of dining tables so that you’re not paying for extra unused dining tables.

Cocktail tables or “belly bar tables” are fantastic at almost all events and highly recommended. If your event only has tray service or hors d’oeuvres you may not need sit down tables.

4 – Can we do a walk-through of the venue?

All venues should allow you and your chosen vendors to do a walk-through of the space. Caterers and any entertainment, including Ace High, need to know what kind of space they will be working with to properly plan ahead and ensure a smooth event the day of.

5 – Is there extra lighting? Space heaters?

If your event is at night, and outside, which in California is often the case, then you need extra lighting options. Even if your event is during the day, you may want outdoor lighting to ensure the best visibility for whatever game or entertainment you’re having at your event. Also, if it’s an evening event, it might get cold enough to need space heaters. You should make sure the venue has adequate lighting and heaters for an outdoor space. If you’re in the LA or OC areas, a great resource for heaters is Bright.

6 – Is there a Rain Day Contingency Plan?

Though it rarely rains in California, it does happen, and the venue should have a tent or alternate indoor space to accommodate your event if it rains. See what the costs are for tenting or if there is a way to completely move the party inside if needed.

7 – Is this a Union or Non-Union venue?

Many venues are operated by unions and therefore will have union requirements for outside vendors. Ace High is able to work at these venues, including the Los Angeles Convention Center, however, there is an additional cost we charge to pay for union staff.

How Ace High Can Help You Plan Your Casino Event

We’ve done parties in every venue imaginable, so when touring the party venue in Los Angeles and Orange County with you, we’ll be able to evaluate it and identify what will work and what won’t.

For example, with the flow of the party, the placement of the casino party tables and catering areas is crucial. You want enough space between tables to allow guests and servers to move easily between them, but not so much space that the venue looks sparse and lessens the exciting casino experience for everyone.

We also have up-to-date insurance coverage and professional staff. We work easily with the venue operator so you don’t need to worry about acting as the go-between for your entertainment vendor and your venue. Most likely, we’ve already worked with the venue and know them quite well. But even if it’s our first time there, we know what to look for and how to make your party the best it can be.

Whether it’s an office party, birthday party, poker tournament, fundraiser, or whatever milestone you’re celebrating, when you choose Ace High, we’ll be there with the experience and professionalism to make your event great, whatever venue you choose.

To learn more about Ace High, contact us at (714) 262-4188 or email us at info@acehighcasinorentals.com.